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Open Events, Financial Statements Update, and the Monthly Traffic Rankings

College Websites' Open Events

This review of 449 websites was disheartening. There is very little to describe positively and for only the 2nd time in 28 reports, no College hits a 100%:

Many Colleges including some of the largest do not organise open events and many that do have not provided the day, time and/or full geographical location anywhere on their events' pages. Almost none provide a Map! The majority do not provide a basic call to action registration form with all its performance reporting functions supplying effective measurement of return on public investment. Almost none detail the events organising team or events officer and too many fail to show any general or individual contact details anywhere on the events pages. Only a handful offer a simple or an augmented 360° virtual campus tour, or provide the basic 'add event to calendar' function. And finally, a personal bugbear of mine is that too many authors pepper content with arbitrary exclamation marks, such as here!

Hearteningly all of these issues are straightforward to address and are almost cost free:

Eventbrite, Google Maps, tickboxing HTML content, a £167 360° camera, £40 stand, and some free editing software are really all that is needed to provide strong additional evidence of the sector's leadership role for the DfE to  present to HM Treasury in time for the 2020 funding settlement; it would also markedly increase both event attendance and course enrolments. I want to volunteer my services to the 1st College to ask, and produce an augmented 360° virtual campus tour for free. I want to demonstrate the full capacity of what is possible and then to publicise it to stakeholders in Whitehall and in National, Regional and Local Government.

Thanks for the feedback via the form and in response I have added a data report in a tab in the top right corner of the article. Feel free to query and/or correct anything you see.

The 2017/18 Annual Financial Reporting

Still over 20% of English ESFA funded websites fail to present their most recent financial report. If a PDF version of your College's 2017/18 Financial Report is posted on the website, then please feel free to let me know and I will update this report.

March 2019 Alexa Website Traffic Rankings

There are two Colleges added and one has announced that it is closing. Access Creative College and Braintree Sixth Form College, welcome, and Lytham Sixth Form College is closing in June after testing the viability of a stand alone Sixth Form College for the past three years. The total of Colleges in the top 50,000 for traffic on Alexa has increased by 9 and the handful of websites in the top 10,000 is pretty constant. There is no marked improvement of performance since monthly sectorwide traffic reports began back in November 2016.

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