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Social Media Home Page Reviews, and the Monthly Traffic Rankings

Social Media Home Page Review

This month there is a simple review of the social media outposts, principally to look for best practice and not to note technical or operational practice. That said, when obvious issues were noted e.g. 28 broken links, they have been included.

Below is a set of ten very good examples of well produced, creative, and technically assured header/mainpage presentations, but first these are the basic sectorwide metrics:

  • 13 Colleges have no Twitter link on their Home Page
  • 21 Colleges have no Facebook link on their Home Page
  • 155 Colleges have no YouTube link on their Home Page
  • 209 Colleges have no Instagram link on their Home Page
  • 307 Colleges have no Linkedin link on their Home Page
The Heavenly 10
  1. Bracknell & Wokingham College’s Twitter banner graphic is the best we have ever seen. The only suggestion is for the inclusion of a time, day and date but then other than that, everyone in our team just shut-up and nodded approval at an awesome piece of simple design work.
  2. Woodhouse College’s Twitter banner image is in my opinion almost perfect. The one suggestion is to sharpen and to imperceptibly increase the contrast and colour saturation but then other than that, the image is impeccable. Do look for the people in the photograph looking straight back at the camera. It is a fantastic photograph and the perfect shot selection.
  3. East Durham College’s Facebook video banner, with the exception of the opening shots and logo, is an almost perfect montage of activity. I would also decrease the frequency of inanimate objects and feature much more people in action and remove the end as this is played in a loop, but then the shots of the woman with the sun behind her and the front flip rotating camera shot are both real pleasures to behold.
  4. Leicester College’s YouTube intro video is an anonymous montage but that said the audio track is fantastic and avoids the unique irritation of a poorly selected choice of music.
  5. Kingston College’s YouTube intro video opens with a really interesting choice 8-bit sounding audio but then only lasts for 5 seconds. It is so good despite its short length that we all thought it really worthwhile commending.
  6. Redbridge College’s YouTube intro video is by far and away the best video production in the FE/6F/AE sector and competes with the best we have ever seen. It is absolutely the most rounded out technical and aesthetic production, with incredibly high standard of direction, camerawork, and post-production. The faults are slight and I really do feel picky mentioning them when the video is so good but here goes: The opening corporate slate is utterly unnecessary, the video is so good, why not jump right to it? The text is presented for slightly too short a period of time to be read comfortably. The constant camera movement is fantastic but could be varied intermittently with slower acclimatizing shots because the phrases used by viewers a couple of times were about ‘motion sickness’ and ‘sea sickness’. That said this video is our benchmark and one day, hopefully soon, we will be producing videos that are this outstanding.
  7. Reading College’s YouTube banner graphic is really very handsome, as are the City of Oxford College and Banbury & Bicester College headers. This is despite surrounding the Activate Learning corporate logo’s arrowhead straight sharp corner with increasing broad curving shapes.
  8. Barking & Dagenham College’s Instagram triptych graphics are almost perfect. The one issue, being picky, is that in the singular display they look do look poorly considered. E.g.
  9. Oaklands College’s Instagram banner graphic works perfectly and looks outstanding on every monitor resolution. It is a great application of simple stock elements that is straightforward to emulate.
  10. Merrist Wood College’s Twitter banner image is by far the most enjoyed image selection. It is cute but most importantly shows that, technical quality aside, any quick and simple presentation can be used and works very well.

1st November 2017 Monthly Sample Alexa Traffic Rankings

The ordering used in this report has flipped direction so that the most recent data appears on the right of all previous data. Also Alexa readjusted the incoming links total upwards just after this report data was collated.

  • 1st Havering College of Further & Higher Education - 6,364th
  • 2nd Manchester College - 8,708th
  • 3rd Glasgow Clyde College - 10,151st
  • 4th Edinburgh College - 10,693rd
  • 5th Runshaw College - 10,743rd
  • 6th Loreto Sixth Form College - 10,744th
  • 7th City of Glasgow College - 11,228th
  • 8th City Literary Institute - 12,932th
  • 9th Plymouth College of Art - 13,856th
  • 10th Leyton Sixth Form College - 13,978th

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