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Colleges' Alumni Offers
A strong alumni offer is a really solid foundation for community development. The best are mostly led by the alumni themselves, with current staff providing operational support. Of the 457 College Websites checked 56% have no Alumni Offer. Of the 199 that do, a simple simple five point test has been run:
  1. Organiser Details
  2. Contact Details
  3. Contact Form
  4. Alumni Registration Form
  5. Annual Events Listings

Colleges' Contact Us Pages

Contact Us is a staple of Main Menus and are basic enough that we hypothesised that it would be very hard to get them wrong. Wrong being subjective we set a simple five point test: Does the Contact Us Page contain 1) an E-Mail Address, 2) Telephone Number, 3) Contact Form, 4) Postal Address, and 5) Map? All five would need to show on the one page and navigated to by clicking only once on the Contact Us menu item.

The first meta result was an absolute majority opinion that the Menu Item needs to be titled Contact Us with a substantial minority preferring, on behalf of their site's visitors, the title Contact. Oddly 15 College websites do not have a Contact Us menu item; is your College's website one of them?. Additionally two websites have multiple campus specific Contact Us pages, and one website has two distinct menu items in the header that navigate to the same page.

Colleges' Social Media Logos

We are busy working on a major technical project at the moment so not had time to do more than this one simple report showing the quintet of College social media logo reports. I will compile a best, worst and weirdest report for general edification over the next week. Apologies up front if your choices of logos feature in the two latter sections; these are all live dashboards (I manually update the img src) so feel free to review and update at anytime.

Colleges'Staff Recruitment Systems

This is a review of the 449 job vacancies pages and the recruitment systems in use to optimise the number and quality of applicants and to automate the process of completed applications submitted by potential employees, from Chief Executive and Principal to Farrier and Website Officer.

Amazingly, for 225 Colleges their choice is to have no digital system in place and to simply post vacancies as content on the website. My guess is the cause for such a high number of non-technical operations are the extortionate prices charged by commercial service providers such as FE Jobs - £6,000 for the basic service - and that this is a clear case for a Sector owned, easy to integrate and to administer Vacancies Service.

College LinkedIn Logos

Of 449 FE/6F/AE Colleges, 9.8% do not have a LinkedIn account, 10.7% have profiles missing a College logo, and 25.8% have profiles that use a College logo with the the old 2014 specifications. LinkedIn is the 15th ranked website for traffic in the UK and it is very useful for students to appreciate its value for all professional recruiters and candidates.

Website Logo Review

I am not a graphic designer and know very little about semiotics, colour theory and the like. This limitation necessitates a purely technical review of the files being used as a logo on the 448 FE/6F/AE College website in the UK.

Because the technical variables don’t place is a hierarchy and aesthetics consideration is outside of my field I have used a funnel system to filter a conclusive answer to the less emotive question, which College Website Logos meet the standard of a hypothetical Level 3 qualification in Digital Operations?

There are usefully only three filters required to get to the answer:

  1. File Format Pass = SVG or PNG
  2. Naming Convention Pass = /name-of-the-college.
  3. Layout = Includes Padding

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