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Connell Sixth Form College Jane Hopcroft

Jane HopcroftThere is no biographical profile of the Principal on the College's website. This detail is from the 2015 appointment article on the Bright Futures Educational Trust's website.

Jane started her new role as Head of College at Connell Sixth Form College this week. She joined Connell Sixth Form College in August 2015 from Aquinas College, in Stockport, where she previously guided departments through curriculum development and quality improvements in her role as Faculty Head. As Head of College Jane is thrilled to be leading Connell through the many challenges that currently face post-16 academic education. Originally a banker, Jane switched to teaching Business Studies and Economics in the early 1990s. Having gained experience across the Secondary, FE and Sixth Form College sectors, Jane has a wealth of experience of working with individuals, departments and across college to develop learning, teaching and assessment. Jane has spent time working at University of Manchester as a lecturer in teacher training and is particularly interested in developing the skills and expertise of trainee teachers and those recently qualified.

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