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Gillian ForresterThere is no biographical profile of the Principal on the College's website. This one is from Gillian's own website.

I am an experienced senior leader who has a passion for developing outstanding practitioners and providing a high-quality learning experience for all students. With over 29 years’ experience, I have worked in a wide range of settings and roles within FE, including Colleges, Independent Learning Providers and Community Adult Education. I have also run my own consultancy business which saw me coaching and mentoring others within the sector. A large part of my career has involved workforce development and the effective leadership and management of highly successful teams and departments.

However, I have also experienced and witnessed some of the worst of working in competitive environments where the stakes are always high, and where this can have a great toll on people’s mental and physical well-being. Where burnout is too common, and where many women (and sometimes men too) can struggle to juggle the demands of modern-day life as a senior leader.

I have experienced much success in my career. However, when experiencing a redundancy situation just as I was turning 50, my world was rocked and the feelings of rejection, low self-esteem took over and I had to face some of the most difficult challenges in my career.

But I also learnt so much from those challenges.

Three years ago, I started my own journey of improvement and discovered a wealth of resources and people who provided wonderful support and information on how to reach a better work life balance and quality of life, whilst still performing well at work,

I am now a much better version of myself. I am calmer, more confident, and less stressed and certainly operating at a much better level in my role as a strategic and operational leader, as a result of my journey.

Through my love of coaching, I want to share this knowledge and journey with you to support you to find your happier place in the world.

I show professional women how to have it all.

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