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Northern College Yultan Mellor

Yultan MellorYultan has worked in further education since 1992, and was vice principal setting curriculum vision and strategy for 9 of them. She has an absolute passion for delivering outstanding student experiences and excellent outcomes for young people and adults that choose further education, recognising the positive economic and social impact in the wider community.

As Principal and Chief Executive of The Northern College her role is to continue the proud and distinguished history of providing education for those adults who may have previously been disengaged or disadvantaged, and for activists that work in these communities.

Widening participation is a key driver for her, ensuring the College provide’s a ladder of opportunity through the levels for all our students. She is commited to improving progression from community learning through FE and into higher level provision, raising and meeting the aspirations of students, and wherever appropriate, ensuring that we have an offer that equips them with the necessary skills and competencies to succeed within the local labour market.

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