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Thematic report |

Support for learners’ mental health and emotional wellbeing

Support for learners’ mental health and emotional wellbeing - The work of further education, work-based learning and adult learning in the community providers during the COVID-19 pandemic ...Read more
Thematic report |

Post-16 partnerships - Shared planning and provision between schools, and between schools and colleges

This report on strategic planning and partnership working for the education of 16 to 19-year-olds in school sixth forms and further education colleges, provides an overview of the way that mainstre ...Read more
Effective practice |

Improving learning outcomes through inspiring leadership

At Bridgend College, inspiring leadership has had a positive impact across all areas of the college. ...Read more
Effective practice |

A holistic approach to supporting college learners

At Bridgend College, wellbeing officers, learning coaches and skills coaches holistically support students in all aspects of their college life. ...Read more