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Thematic report |

How schools and colleges used the RRRS and catch-up grants for post-16 learners

This report focuses on the support for post-16 learners since September 2020 through the ‘Recruit, Recover, Raise Standards: Accelerating Learning Programme’ grant (the RRRS grant) in schools and t ...Read more
Thematic report |

Support for learners’ mental health and emotional wellbeing

Support for learners’ mental health and emotional wellbeing - The work of further education, work-based learning and adult learning in the community providers during the COVID-19 pandemic ...Read more
Thematic report |

Post-16 partnerships - Shared planning and provision between schools, and between schools and colleges

This report on strategic planning and partnership working for the education of 16 to 19-year-olds in school sixth forms and further education colleges, provides an overview of the way that mainstre ...Read more
Effective practice |

Learner Voice in Pembrokeshire College

After taking part in the national pilot, Pembrokeshire College implemented its Learner Voice Strategy in September 2010. ...Read more
Effective practice |

Working in partnership with sectors to design and build new facilities

Pembrokeshire College is working with the energy and engineering sectors to deliver the highest quality education and training locally. ...Read more
Effective practice |

Working in partnership to promote investment in skills and access to post-16 education

Pembrokeshire College has developed partnerships that support the development of skills in Pembrokeshire, improve learners access to post-16 education and engage with hard-to-reach groups. ...Read more
Effective practice |

Establishing partnerships to help students with additional learning needs develop independent living skills

Pembrokeshire College has established strong partnerships that have allowed its students with additional learning needs to develop the independent living skills that they will need for their future ...Read more
Thematic report |

Learner progress and destinations in independent living skills learning areas in further education colleges

pdf, 954.91 KB Added 16/06/2017

The report examines the arrangements for measuring the progress of learners with learning difficulties and disabilities on specialised programmes of learning in further education (FE) colleges. ...Read more
Thematic report |

Effective teaching and learning observations in further education colleges

pdf, 515.27 KB Added 01/10/2015

This report is published in response to a request for advice about effective ‘teaching and learning observation’ from the Welsh Government in the Minister’s annual remit letter to Estyn 2013-2014. ...Read more