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Cookies Policy

1. Statement and purpose of policy
  1. Digital Operations Group is committed to ensuring compliance with the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations.
  2. The purpose of this policy is to list the cookies used on the website and their purpose.
2. How Cookies are used on this website
  1. Cookies used are those associated with the basic functionality of:
    1. Joomla, the free opensource website Content Management System used as the platform for this websites
    2. Google Analytics, the free website performance monitoring and development system
    3. Siltide's free opensource Cookie Consent system
  2. All Cookies loaded on the Chrome browser are viewable by navigating to chrome://settings/siteData?search=privacy and searching for collegewebsites. This function is not available on Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox, but is available on Apple Safari by changing the settings and using its Web Inspector.
  3. This is the full list of cookies used on this website:
    1. _ga (Google Analytics)
    2. _gid (Google Analytics)
    3. 55df563522bec416ebb9022ef4887c01 (Joomla CMS)
    4. cookieconsent_status (Siltide)
    5. joomla_user_state (Joomla CMS, registered users only)
  4. The purpose of cookies used on this website is performance development, website operation optimisation and compliance with regulation.
  5. Intermittently new performance monitoring systems will be added to the website so that they can be compared on quality and price. To maintain accuracy all additional cookies will be added to this list.
3. How Cookies are not used on this website
  1. No data is sold, exchanged or provided for free to any third parties.
  2. The third party live chat system by My Live Chat and third party newsletter by MailChimp currently load cookies.
  3. Third party website content is ported into the website, none of which currently loads cookies. Any cookies loaded at any future point are not endorsed by Digital Operations Group Ltd. 
  4. Cookies loaded by websites that are hyperlinked to on this website are also not endorsed by Digital Operations Group Ltd. 
4. Contact us about this Policy

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 020 8528 3135