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Financial Statements 2020/21

LG - Local Government Agency with no separate accounts | CC - Regulated by the Charity Commission | FA - Filleted Accounts for small providers

⏵Conditions of Funding (Grant) (Colleges), 2020 - Education & Skills Funding Agency

Publishing Accounts
9. Corporations must publish their audited accounts in an easily accessible location on their website. To maximise transparency and to support accountability this should be done as soon as possible after the accounts are signed and must be no later than 31 January 2022. Corporations must also retain at least two years of accounts on their website. As charities, corporations must also provide their accounts to anyone requesting a copy. Corporations that are registered with the OfS should also be mindful of the OfS’ publication requirements and timeline.
10. Stakeholders have a right to expect information on the financial performance and results of a corporation to be published on their website. Failure to do so is a breach of the corporation’s funding agreement with the ESFA.

⏵ Further Education College Accounts Direction, 2020/21 - Department for the Economy, Northern Ireland Government

Website publication
Once the final Annual Report and Financial Statements have been submitted to the Department and laid at the Assembly, a copy must be placed on the college website, in line with DoF Guidance. Please provide the Department with a hyperlink to the final accounts.

⏵ Accounts direction for Scotland’s colleges, 2020/21 - Scottish Funding Council

2. Incorporated and non-incorporated colleges3 are required to provide their annual report and accounts, together with the associated audit reports, to us by 31 December 2021. We understand that, due to the exceptional circumstances arising from COVID-19, this deadline may not be achievable for some colleges. If you consider that your college will be unable to meet this deadline, please contact SFC.

⏵Financial Memorandum Between the Welsh Government, Further Education Institutions & Higher Education Institutions Providing Further Education, 2015 - Welsh Government

Financial Statements
35. The institution shall keep proper accounting records and shall prepare financial statements in respect of each Accounting Period. The institution shall provide the Welsh Government with a signed copy of its audited financial statements for each Accounting Period by 31 December immediately following the end of the Accounting Period in question. The institution shall make the financial statements publicly available and will publish them on its website as part of its publication scheme.

⏵College accounts direction 2020 to 2021, 2020 - Education & Skills Funding Agency

⏵Accounting and financial planning, updated 2021 - Association of Colleges