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Barnet & Southgate College

2022 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Leaders should ensure that teachers in all subjects consistently check learners’ knowledge and understanding and provide high-quality feedback so that learners know what they have done well and how to improve their work.
  • Leaders should ensure that all learners have access to sufficient teaching time and suitable resources to ensure that they are sufficiently prepared for their final assessments and examinations.
  • Leaders should ensure that apprentices have access to effective and impartial careers advice and guidance.

 2018 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Leaders and managers should monitor the quality of subcontractors effectively, including the quality of their teaching, learning and assessment, so that they can ensure that the quality of subcontracted provision is at least good.
  • Leaders and managers should monitor students’ progress accurately, so that managers can intervene swiftly when students are at risk of not completing their courses.
  • Leaders and managers should put strategies in place to ensure that those students who study A-level programmes complete their courses and achieve their qualifications.
  • Leaders and managers should improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment by:
    • providing teachers, including agency staff, with relevant and targeted support so that they improve their practice swiftly
    • ensuring that teachers provide students with inspiring and challenging activities that help them to develop their knowledge and skills, so that they make good or better progress
    • ensuring that teachers give their students detailed and helpful feedback on their work, so that they know what they need to do to improve.
  • Leaders and managers should improve students’ attendance by putting effective strategies in place which teachers implement consistently.
  • Teachers should develop students’ English and mathematical skills, so that a greater proportion of students improve their GCSE grades.

2009 Full Inspection Report
What does Barnet College need to do to improve further?
  • Further implement systems to promote punctuality and improve attendance.
  • Ensure that ILT is used effectively in lessons to support learning and engage learners to enable them to extend their knowledge and understanding.
  • Improve the consistency of lesson planning to ensure that activities meet individual needs and enable more able learners to make better progress and improve their level of achievement.
  • Improve the rigour of course reviews so that they are sufficiently evaluative and ensure that management information relating to the performance of learners is consistently used to drive improvements, and complies with LSC requirements.
  • Ensure that off-site provision adheres strictly to the college’s complaints procedures so that any issues are dealt with according to the college’s guidelines.
  • Signpost, more clearly in the application process, the range of financial support available to adult learners to enable them to return to study.

2006 Full Inspection Report
Areas for improvement

The college should address:

  • ineffective target setting for learners in some areas
  • limited range of enrichment activities in some curriculum areas
  • insufficient integration of key skills in teaching programmes.

2004 Re-Inspection Report


2002 Full Inspection Report
What should be improved
  • student achievement
  • undemanding teaching in many lessons
  • poor attendance and lack of punctuality
  • use of ICT in lessons
  • work-based provision
  • accuracy and dissemination of management information
  • drab accommodation.

Report Recommendations