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Totton College

2019 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Increase the attendance of learners, including those attending English and mathematics lessons.
  • Improve teaching and learning, by:
    • ensuring that all teachers help learners to learn at a pace that is right for them
    • providing feedback to learners on their work that helps them to improve their skills.
  • Increase the proportion of learners who achieve a grade 4 or above in English and mathematics, and who pass their level 2 functional skills examinations in these subjects.

2017 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Managers must continue rapidly with their plans to:
    • provide a curriculum for learners on 16 to 19 study programmes that takes into account the wide range of learners’ skills and abilities and is of a suitable length and level of learning to enable learners to attend and succeed
    • ensure that all learners on 16 to 19 study programmes who would benefit from external work experience do so.
  • Managers need to work more closely with teachers and assessors to ensure that:
    • teaching, learning and assessment are of a consistently high standard
    • teachers and assessors use the assessment results of learners’ and apprentices’ skills and abilities effectively to plan individual learning that is stimulating and demanding.

2014 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Fully implement the new attendance strategy so that more learners attend regularly, successfully complete their programmes and progress to their next steps.
  • Secure sufficient high quality external work placements to meet the needs of learners, especially those on 16 to 19 study programmes, through new and existing partnerships with employers.
  • Raise standards of teaching further by extending the successful tutor development programme to all tutors. Continue the robust use of performance management arrangements.
  • Ensure that quality improvement arrangements have strong impact through:
    • firmly establishing quality improvement reviews and new self-assessment processes
    • applying the observation of teaching and learning scheme to all key activities involving learners, such as induction and work experience
    • close scrutiny of the work of subcontractors.

2013 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Make better use of management information to track learners’ progress so that learners achieve their objectives in the planned time, and any gaps in performance are identified and acted upon.
  • Prepare learners more effectively for employment by strengthening the activities aimed at engaging employers and providing more work experience placements.
  • Increase the links with other learning providers to establish more routes to further learning.
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning by sharing good practice and improving the rigour of the teaching observation scheme, so that it focuses on learning.
  • Increase the opportunities for learners to develop English and mathematics skills in practical contexts that stimulate and engage them, with less emphasis on the completion of worksheets.
  • Make better use of initial assessments in developing individual learning plans, and in planning lessons, so that the individual needs of learners are fully taken into account.
  • Strengthen curriculum planning by providing further training for staff and ensuring that individual learners can realistically achieve the qualifications they are entered for by the end of their planned programme.
  • Improve the accuracy and impact of the self-assessment process by analysing data and evidence from the education centres more effectively.
  • Help staff to promote equality and diversity more effectively in teaching and learning, by providing up-to-date training on recent equalities legislation and strategies that staff can use to increase learners’ understanding.

2010 Full Inspection Report
What does Nacro need to do to improve further?
  • Improve progression rates into further education, training and employment and increase the range and number of employers that offer suitable work placements or tasters to meet the needs of learners.
  • Build on the developments in quality improvement and sharing of good practice to establish more consistency in effective performance across the provision.
  • Improve progress reviews to include all aspects of the programme and make targets more specific to support achievement and progression.
  • Further develop the planning of teaching and learning to meet the needs of individual learners, with sufficient qualified staff to deliver literacy, language and numeracy in each centre.
  • Develop more effective engagement with employers and other stakeholders to support and inform improvement locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Improve evaluation of the evidence to support judgements in the self-assessment report and make better use of information from learners’ surveys to inform the self-assessment process and promote improvement.

2007 Full Inspection Report
Key areas for improvement
  • Significant variations in performance across the provision
  • Unsatisfactory aspects of teaching and learning
  • Inadequate target-setting and recording of progress on E2E programmes
  • Insufficient suitably qualified and experienced teaching staff on E2E provision

2002 Full Inspection Report
Other improvements needed
  • better links between literacy and numeracy and vocational areas
  • better sharing of good practice across training centres and divisions
  • more effective jobsearch for New Deal clients
  • better promotion of equality of opportunity to staff and learners

1998 Full Inspection Report


Report Recommendations