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Borders College

2018 Full Inspection Report
Areas for development
  • The appointment of class representatives and communication of improvements following Faculty Council meetings is inconsistent, and some students in some areas have not engaged in the review process. Without the successful implementation of the Student Representative Committee (the new structure for learner engagement) planned for 2018/19, there is a risk that the learner voice may not be consistently heard or utilised to inform improvements.
  • The number of learners engaging with the Annual Learner Survey (47%) was significantly less than previous years. Inconsistency across areas with very low or no responses in some, may inhibit our ability to fully understand the range of views of college learners, on learning and teaching and other aspects, and therefore to target actions appropriately.
  • In a few areas of the College staff are not sufficiently involved in the self-evaluation process and planning for improvement. In these cases staff are insufficiently aware of the available data that would help them to analysis performance.
  • The availability and access to well-analysed data is limited by the current IT systems and software; although progress has been made, it has been slower than anticipated. Whilst a range of reporting tools and reports have been created and developed to allow the college to analyse performance, there is inconsistent clarity of purpose surrounding these, which may reduce user confidence in the robustness of the data and accuracy of the reports.

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