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Northern Regional College

2013 Full Inspection Report
What does the Northern Regional College need to do to improve further?

There is a need to improve the quality of the provision, in particular the College should work to:

  1. Establish more robust strategic quality improvement planning processes to inform more effectively curriculum planning across the College. The curriculum for the Training for Success provision in work-based learning needs to be urgently reviewed, in particular to address the significant areas for improvement in the current curriculum offer for the majority of the Programme-Led Apprentices.
  2. Address the inadequate leadership and management and overall standards and achievements in work-based learning, particularly the Training for Success provision, and also take action to improve the satisfactory or inadequate overall quality of the provision for brickwork, electrical installation, plumbing and wood occupations.
  3. Improve the quality of the provision for the essential skills across the College, with a particular focus on the quality of teaching and learning, and standards and outcomes in this area.
  4. Implement an effective quality improvement planning process to address learners’ underachievement, which is underpinned by accurate and reliable data and informed by a more effective process of self-evaluation. The College needs to ensure that managers are clear about the fundamental importance of outcomes for learners in their areas of responsibility, and that they are implementing effective strategies to tackle shortcomings in performance.
  5. Build on the particularly good practice which exists in engineering, and a few other professional and technical areas, in order to broaden further the extent and impact of economic engagement across the College.

Report Recommendations