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Westminster Adult Education Service

2022 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve?
  • Leaders and managers should ensure that teachers on all programmes consistently check that learners remember what they have been taught.
  • Leaders and managers should ensure that teachers on all programmes give effective feedback and targets so that all learners know how to improve.
  • Leaders and managers should ensure that learners are effectively informed and have good recall of the dangers of radicalisation and extremism.

2016 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Train tutors and assessors to set learners and apprentices clear, specific and achievable targets for improvement to enable them to make the full progress of which they are capable. Monitor learners’ and apprentices’ achievement of their targets frequently to ensure they are achieved fully and on time.
  • Improve further the quality of teaching, learning and assessment by training tutors to plan and teach lessons that enable learners to fulfil their potential and make rapid progress with their learning and skills development. Ensure teachers are sufficiently skilled at developing learners’ mathematics skills more consistently in vocational subjects.
  • Improve further learners’ attendance at and punctuality to lessons by setting clear and specific expectations at the start of courses and intervening swiftly when their attendance and punctuality decline. Support learners who do not attend frequently and on time to overcome their barriers to high rates of attendance.
  • Develop rapidly tutors’ confidence and expertise in extending learners’ knowledge of British values and how to protect themselves from the dangers of extremism and radicalisation.

2011 Full Inspection Report
What does Westminster Adult Education Service need to do to improve further?
  • Make self-assessment at course level more critically evaluative by sharper analysis of data and learners’ feedback in order to raise standards.
  • Work strenuously to improve learners’ attendance and punctuality in lessons in order to increase their chances of successful outcomes.
  • Make more effective use of individual target setting so that learning is personalised, progress is measurable and learners are able to work more independently.

2009 Full Inspection Report
Key areas for improvement
  • Success rates for short accredited courses
  • Effectiveness of monitoring learners’ progress
  • Learners’ attendance and punctuality
  • Poor and unsuitable accommodation
  • Further improve quality assurance and curriculum target-setting procedures.

2005 Full Inspection Report
Key challenges for Westminster LEA
  • further develop the culture of quality improvement and the thoroughness with which quality assurance procedures are applied
  • continue to develop and establish the government’s strategy on training and support in literacy, numeracy and the use of language, within areas of learning and throughout the provision
  • ensure greater consistency in curriculum management
  • improve staff training and qualifications in literacy and numeracy teaching
  • provide staff training and development to improve the use of data
  • further develop the ability of tutors to use themes of equality and diversity in their teaching
  • implement the accommodation strategy

Report Recommendations