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Bedford Sixth Form College

2019 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve?
  • Leaders and managers need to ensure that those learners with complex high needs receive the additional support that will enable them to have the best chance for success. This includes the use of specialists in speech and language development. Leaders and managers need to ensure that vocational teachers and in-class support staff communicate effectively with each other the ongoing needs of learners.
  • Leaders and managers need to ensure that adult learners, particularly those on part-time and distance learning programmes, understand how to keep themselves safe from the risks of radicalisation, and online. They must ensure that staff develop adult learners’ understanding of how British values relate to them and their everyday lives.
  • Leaders need to ensure that teachers use learning from all parts of the programme, including work experience, to enable learners to retain and develop their knowledge and skills more securely over time.

2014 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Increase the range of techniques used in observations of teaching and learning to better capture learning in the vocational settings and identify more clearly what teachers need to do to improve learning and assessment.
  • Further improve teaching at the college by:
    • increasing the level of challenge for the more able students in lessons
    • paying greater attention to improving students and apprentices spelling and punctuation in their written assignments
    • promoting and integrating equality and diversity more consistently in the curriculum.

2008 Full Inspection Report
Areas for improvement

The college should address:

  • improvements to success rates in adult level 2 provision
  • target setting to support learners’ improvements
  • the arrangements for assessing the impact of equality plans.

2006 Full Inspection Report
Areas for improvement
  • insufficient use of work-based assessment
  • limited progression opportunities to advanced apprenticeships
  • weak review process

2004 Full Inspection Report
What should be improved
  • retention rates at levels 1 and 3
  • management of work-based learning provision
  • monitoring of the implementation of policies and procedures
  • use of information technology (IT) to aid learning
  • differentiation of teaching to take account of students' varying needs and abilities
  • the range of provision for adults and disadvantaged groups
  • the range of provision of full-time courses below level 3 for students aged 16 to 18
  • preparation for employment of full-time students aged 16 to 18.

2001 Full Inspection Report


Report Recommendations