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Coleg Cambria

2019 Full Inspection Report
  1. Reduce the number of learners who take longer to complete their programmes than scheduled
  2. Evaluate the impact of the work undertaken on radicalisation and extremism to inform future planning
  3. Increase the use of Welsh as a workplace skill

2015 Full Inspection Report
  1. Ensure that all learners make the progress of which they are capable
  2. Increase the pace and challenge in teaching
  3. Ensure that quality processes focus equally on learners’ progress and standards as well as the quality of teaching

2014 Full Inspection Report

In order to bring about the necessary improvements in a timely manner, the institution should do the following.

  1. Implement the Welsh medium and bilingual curriculum development plan
  2. Make sure that all learners have access to the full range of support options at all sites

Report Recommendations