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West Nottinghamshire College

2017 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Ensure that the quality of teaching, learning and assessment for learners aged 16 to 19 consistently reaches the standard of that seen for adult learners and apprentices. In particular, teachers should be supported to:
    • consider the abilities and prior attainment of all learners in a group so that they plan and deliver lessons that challenge the most able and give extra help to those who need it
    • improve their use of a variety of formative assessment methods, including the use of questioning, so that they are able to judge the progress of all learners and adjust their teaching accordingly
    • consistently provide high-quality feedback on written work so that, over time, learners are able to improve the standard of their submissions
    • develop targets for learners that focus on the acquisition of skills and knowledge, and monitor the effectiveness of these in improving learners’ progress.
  • Improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in English and mathematics in discrete lessons for all learners; for learners aged 16 to 19, improve the extent to which teachers incorporate these subjects in their lessons, so that a higher proportion of learners make good progress and achieve their qualifications.

2012 Full Inspection Report
What does West Nottinghamshire College need to do to improve further?
  • Improve success rates on college-based courses, particularly at advanced level for learners aged 16 to 18 and adults on intermediate-level courses, by closely monitoring their attendance and progress so that fewer leave college early and ensure that they have sufficiently challenging targets to work towards so that they achieve their full potential.
  • Raise success rates on apprenticeship programmes by embedding the systems used to monitor the performance of college-based and subcontracted provision so that good practice is shared, a broader curriculum is implemented and issues identified as requiring improvement are acted upon promptly.
  • Rapidly improve the quality of college-based hairdressing and beauty therapy provision by ensuring that staff maintain the salons to a professional standard and that the quality of lessons improves so that all learners develop the vocational skills needed to achieve their qualification.
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning by providing training for teachers on using the information from the initial and ongoing assessments of learners’ progress to inform the planning of a range of learning activities that engage and support all learners. Improve the lesson observation system to provide an accurate agenda for improvement and ensure that teachers are accountable for delivering a consistently good learning experience.

2008 Full Inspection Report
Areas for improvement

The college should address:

  • the proportion of learners who progress to HE
  • the use of assessment in planning and developing learning
  • the use of data on learners’ progress, compared with their prior attainment in monitoring and analysing progress and performance
  • accommodation at the Derby Road site.

2007 Re-Inspection Report
Areas for improvement
  • poor target setting in students’ progress reviews.
  • slow progress for apprentices
  • insufficiently challenging targets in students’ progress reviews.

2005 Full Inspection Report
What should be improved
  • work-based learning in engineering and business administration
  • achievement of key skills qualifications
  • the proportion of outstanding teaching and learning
  • retention rates on level 3 courses.

2000 Full Inspection Report


Report Recommendations