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Gower College

2018 Full Inspection Report
  1. Ensure that all learners attain the highest standards and grades they can
  2. Improve the extent to which learners practise and develop their literacy, numeracy and digital literacy skills through their vocational and academic programmes
  3. Increase opportunities for learners to sustain and develop Welsh as an employability and life skill
  4. Improve teaching strategies to ensure that learners of all abilities are challenged sufficiently in lessons
  5. Make sure that all self-evaluation processes are robust, evaluative and accurate across all areas of the college

2012 Full Inspection Report

The college needs to:

  1. improve outcomes in all learning areas in line with strategic aims;
  2. identify and address the individual skills needs of all learners, particularly at Level 1 and above;
  3. increase opportunities for learners to improve their spoken and written Welsh;
  4. provide the governors with information on learners’ outcomes in a format that enables them to challenge the college’s performance in relation to that of other colleges in Wales; and
  5. improve the use of data at all levels to evaluate college performance critically in comparison to that of other providers; and use this information to drive further improvements.

Report Recommendations