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Moulton College

2022 Full Inspection Report
No areas for improvement

2019 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Use data and self-assessment processes more effectively, so that governors, leaders and managers know accurately what improvements have been made and what they need to do to secure future improvements.
  • Ensure that students attend lessons frequently, particularly in English and mathematics lessons.
  • Improve the training and support given to teachers to ensure that teachers:
    • have high expectations of what students can do and achieve so that they produce written and practical work of a high standard – provide challenging and stimulating activities that inspire and motivate students, so that they make good progress
    • provide useful feedback to students so that they know how to improve.
  • Ensure that teachers of students who have high needs on vocational programmes understand students’ learning and support needs, so that they support students to develop their skills and knowledge well.
  • Managers and teachers should improve the development of students’ English and mathematics as a high priority by:
    • supporting vocational teachers to develop students’ understanding of English and mathematics within the context of their vocational programmes
    • improving the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in English and mathematics lessons, so that students make good progress and receive a good preparation for their examinations.

2018 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Take immediate action to ensure that all learners are safe during all activities at the college, specifically:
    • provide training in health and safety for all staff and managers that is relevant to their role and their vocational area
    • ensure that risk assessments are in place for all relevant activities, and that staff comply fully and follow all safety procedures
    • make certain that all staff understand their role when safeguarding concerns arise, so that actions to help students are swift and effective
    • collect appropriate staff information into a single central record and ensure that all the required information is present for all staff.
  • Develop further the support and training given to teachers to ensure that they:
    • have high expectations of students’ behaviour and enforce these in lessons
    • have high expectations of what students can achieve, and set work for them that is suitably challenging
    • know how to use different strategies during lessons to help students to understand the principles, the underpinning knowledge and the theory required to be successful in making good progress relative to their prior attainment.
  • Improve the skills that additional learning support staff have, and the quality of vocational tutors’ planning with them, so that they provide more effective support to learners who have declared learning difficulties and disabilities.
  • Provide training and support to governors that help them to be more challenging towards senior leaders, and hold them to account more effectively.

2016 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Develop managers’ skills in analysing and evaluating data to measure accurately the effectiveness of their provision, with particular regard to attendance, retention of students and their success in achieving qualifications. Use data to inform self-assessment and develop more sharply focused actions for improvement.
  • Ensure that senior managers link teachers’ and managers’ appraisals and actions for improvement clearly to college improvement priorities and that managers monitor the achievement of these to ensure they are achieved in full.
  • Improve the quality and frequency of apprentices’ reviews and assessments to ensure that they make more rapid progress and that their work meets industry standards consistently.
  • Improve the proportion of students who achieve qualifications in English and mathematics by ensuring teachers plan and teach lessons that enable students to master the specific skills they need for their vocational subjects and employment.
  • Improve students’ punctuality and attendance at lessons, especially English and mathematics, by frequent monitoring, setting students targets for attendance and supporting those with personal barriers.
  • Develop teachers’ skills and confidence in developing students’ English and mathematics skills in vocational lessons.
  • Develop teachers’ skills in planning and teaching theory lessons that motivate, enthuse and inspire students and that enable them to make the full progress of which they are capable and fulfil their potential.

2008 Full Inspection Report
Areas for improvement

The college should address:

  • success rates in work-based learning
  • the variable quality of target setting to help learners to improve
  • the insufficient analysis of aspects of learners’ performance.

2004 Full Inspection Report
What should be improved
  • retention rates of adult students at levels 2 and 3
  • promotion of equal opportunities
  • slow achievement of modern apprenticeships frameworks in work-based learning
  • provision of full-time courses at level 1
  • use of information learning technology (ILT) to support learning
  • management of teaching of literacy and numeracy
  • use of differentiation strategies in teaching.

1999 Full Inspection Report


Report Recommendations