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Workers' Educational Association

2013 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Reduce the regional variations which exist in achievement.
  • Improve lesson observation summaries to ensure that the differences between good and outstanding teaching, learning and assessment are clear and distinguishable.
  • Build upon the better practices in information, advice and guidance to inform overall improvement.
  • Sharpen target setting for students.
  • Instigate professional development to embed the improvements needed to move from good to outstanding.
  • Employ more modern techniques to enhance learning, capture data and attract new members with new ideas into the organisation from an even greater range of backgrounds.

2008 Full Inspection Report
Key areas for improvement
  • Insufficient participation of men
  • Insufficient sharing of good practice
  • Under-developed arrangements to monitor and report learners’ success on non-accredited courses
  • Inadequate formal arrangements to monitor learners’ progression

2005 Re-Inspection Report


2004 Full Inspection Report
Key challenges for Workers' Educational Association
  • maintain the impetus of change
  • establish effective quality assurance arrangements
  • enhance tutors’ skills for literacy and language provision
  • ensure all tutors share the association’s renewed vision
  • build on the skills of volunteers and link them to the renewed vision
  • provide support for all learners
  • rebalance provision towards widening participation in learning, including the workplace programme, and develop governance to reflect this balance and vision
  • enhance and effectively establish the scrutiny roles of trustees and committee members
  • develop closer monitoring of current provision at district and national level

Report Recommendations