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Coleg Ceredigion

2022 Full Inspection Report
  1. Make better use of the extensive data the college has to further refine the evaluation of the impact of provision and initiatives
  2. Strengthen strategies to improve learners’ understanding of radicalisation and extremism
  3. Ensure that learners’ numeracy skills and wider mathematical skills are developed fully to address their skills gaps

2014 Full Inspection Report

There is one recommendation further to those made in the report on the recent inspection of the college:

  1. Continue to develop plans to improve the setting and achieving of individual literacy and numeracy targets for learners

2013 Full Inspection Report
  1. Improve standards in all learning areas in line with strategic and operational plans and reduce the variation in attainment between learning areas
  2. Improve teaching and learning to make sure that all learners have a high quality learning experience
  3. Provide more pace and challenge in all lessons and make sure that all learners are challenged appropriately
  4. Make sure that all leaners have short, smart literacy and numeracy targets and a clear understanding of the specific skills they need to develop
  5. Develop a robust strategic approach to engage with and measure the impact of activities with local businesses and organisations

Report Recommendations