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William Morris Sixth Form College

2023 Full Inspection Report
What does the school need to do to improve?
  • There are limited opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities. Some students are not involved in school activities beyond their lessons. Leaders should ensure that they implement their plans to increase the range of enrichment opportunities so that all students broaden their interests and develop new skills and talents beyond the subjects they study.
  • Some students do not attend school as regularly as they should. Leaders’ recently revised systems for encouraging regular attendance are in the early stages of showing impact. Leaders should ensure that processes for following up student absence are fully embedded so that students’ overall attendance improves.

2019 Full Inspection Report
What does the school need to do to improve further?
  • Leaders and the governing body must ensure that they secure rapid and sustained school improvement by:
    • providing advice, support and appropriate challenge to middle leaders to raise expectations around the quality of teaching and students’ progress in all subjects
    • developing a curriculum offer that is appropriate to the wide and varied academic needs and aspirations of students
    • ensuring that targeted actions are implemented urgently and checked systematically to monitor the impact on the quality of teaching and students’ progress
    • enabling all teachers to develop the quality of their practice, over and above complying with the school’s procedures around lesson planning and organisation
    • ensuring that the assessment system is used accurately by all staff, so that students at risk of underachieving, particularly those who are disadvantaged or have low starting points, can be quickly supported to catch up
    • analysing and addressing the reasons for poor attendance and/or lateness to specific lessons and/or subjects
    • providing a systematic approach to work experience to heighten students’ understanding of available opportunities, including apprenticeships.

2017 Full Inspection Report
What does the school need to do to improve further?
  • Continue the rapid improvement in students’ outcomes by:
    • ensuring that teachers use students’ information consistently, set aspirational targets and plan activities that accelerate students’ progress, particularly the most able
    • teachers consistently applying the school’s assessment policy so that students consistently have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes
    • leaders ensuring that professional development and training continue to reduce the variability in teaching, learning and assessment between subjects.
  • Ensure that recently introduced strategies are embedded successfully so that school improvements continue to be rapid and sustained.

2013 Full Inspection Report
What does the school need to do to improve further?
  • Increase achievement and the quality of teaching to outstanding by:
    • making more use of self-and peer-assessment to promote students’ ability to take greater responsibility for their learning
    • ensuring that all teachers make more use of targeted questioning to develop high-level thinking skills
    • ensuring that those students who are most frequently absent and/or late achieve higher levels of regular attendance and punctuality to lessons
    • enabling all leaders who are responsible for subjects to be equally proficient in helping to raise standards
    • modifying the school improvement plan so that the governing body and other leaders are able to monitor and evaluate how the school is progressing in greater detail.

2010 Full Inspection Report
What does the school need to do to improve further?
  • Improve the quality and analysis of data, enhancing its accessibility, consistency and timeliness, in order to:
    • enable a more robust analysis of the progress and achievements of groups of students
    • better monitor and evaluate the impact of initiatives
    • drive improvements more effectively in the quality of teaching.

2006 Full Inspection Report
What the school should do to improve further
  • Ensure that strategic planning builds innovatively on the excellent work evident in the use of technology to promote individualised learning, in order to address the constraints imposed by the site on the development of the curriculum.

2002 Full Inspection Report
What could be improved
  • Rates of attendance and punctuality.
  • Strategic planning, to take into account longer-term priorities and relevant budget cycles.
  • Planning for students to be more independent in their learning, including better facilities for private study.

Report Recommendations