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Bridgend College

2016 Full Inspection Report
  1. The college should strengthen its evaluation of the impact of initiatives to raise learners’ awareness of radicalisation and terrorism so it is assured that all learners understand how to stay safe
  2. In the light of the disruption caused to learners during the pandemic, continue to develop strategies to build learners’ resilience
  3. Ensure that learners overcome any gaps in prior learning that impair their literacy and numeracy skills

2022 Full Inspection Report
  1. Improve the rates at which learners successfully complete their qualifications
  2. Improve the quality and consistency of teaching and assessment
  3. Develop quality systems to ensure that they focus on improving teaching and learning

2014 Full Inspection Report
  • Continue to build the capacity of the senior leadership team to undertake its strategic role;
  • Ensure that financial stability is maintained;
  • Continue to improve the monitoring of data systems and procedures; and
  • Improve the rates at which learners achieve their qualifications across all subject learning areas.

Report Recommendations