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Burnley College

2021 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve?
  • Leaders should ensure that they improve the consistency of quality of education that students and apprentices receive so they all make good progress from their starting points irrespective of which programme they study.
  • Leaders should ensure that all tutors and trainers provide helpful feedback so that students and apprentices know what they have done well and how they can further improve their work.
  • Leaders should continue to take prompt action to improve the attendance of students who are absent from their lessons too frequently.
  • Leaders should ensure that all trainers plan the on- and off-the-job training in a well-considered way so that apprentices are able to apply what they learn in theory sessions in their jobs.
  • Leaders should ensure that all new staff benefit from an effective induction and mentoring from an experienced tutor so they can develop their professional practice further.

2009 Full Inspection Report
Areas for improvement

The college should address:

  • low success rates on a minority of courses
  • clarity in recording actions in curriculum self-assessment reports.

2004 Full Inspection Report
What should be improved
  • the quality of much accommodation
  • the size of classes on some programmes
  • use of learning activities to match individual needs
  • internal verification of assessment
  • promotion of equality and diversity through the curriculum.

2000 Full Inspection Report


Report Recommendations