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Newbattle Abbey College

2019 Full Inspection Report
Areas for development
  • A culture of inclusion is not yet fully embedded into all college practice and across all college teams.
  • Due to a variety of staff/student-related issues and despite a range of interventions, our withdrawal rate for FE full-time learners was high and our overall success rate for FE full-time learners fell below the sector average for the first time in the last four years (as evidenced by the tables above.)
  • There is a need to ensure that revised procedures for monitoring attendance, facilitating learning and evaluating student progress are in place and used consistently to reduce withdrawal rates and increase attainment. There is also a need to introduce and implement actions to improve overall attainment/success rates for both FE and HE.
  • Core skills achievement within FE programmes is currently not sufficiently analysed.
  • Opportunities to develop employability across the curriculum are not yet fully embedded in all courses.
  • College arrangements for meeting learner needs are not yet fully effective in improving attainment, particularly at FE level for all learners.
  • Learner attendance and attainment are not monitored sufficiently closely in order to identify support needs and improve retention and attainment.
  • There remains scope for the college to further plan and develop the curriculum in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders
  • Our evaluative processes do not consistently inform our planning procedures. Data should be collated regularly and closely monitored.
  • Core skills data has to be included as part of this analysis.

Report Recommendations