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Glasgow Kelvin College

2019 Full Inspection Report
Areas for improvement
  • A few staff still show lack of awareness of regional and national priorities. For example – DYW is not yet consistently reflected in evaluation and planning processes.
  • The College should seek to improve further student awareness of the role and impact of the Student Association.
  • Withdrawal rates in some full-time FE and HE programmes have increased and have a negative effect on outcomes.
  • Success rates for school pupils engaged in Senior Phase programmes is lower than the overall College norms.
  • In more than a few areas evaluative reports do not yet capture the impact of actions on improving performance rates.
  • In a few programmes QIAPs have not led to meaningful improvement.
  • A few programme teams have not yet established sufficient workplace experience activities.
  • Although progression rates remain high, relatively few learners progress to other Glasgow colleges.
  • A few curriculum teams do not take sufficient opportunities for peer learning.
  • A few staff do not sufficiently use formative questioning well to ensure all learners are fully engaged in the learning process.
  • A few staff are not confident in dealing with more severe cases of challenging behaviour.
  • A few curriculum teams do not incorporate guest lecturers, industry visits and/or work experiences at appropriate points in their programmes.
  • The current Individual Learning Plan (ILP) does not take sufficient account of the range of learning activities and does not provide a sufficient comprehensive overview of the learner experience.
  • Higher withdrawal rates in some full-time programmes have a significant effect on success rates within programmes. This is particularly evident in HEFT programmes where increased further withdrawal correlates with decreased success.
  • Attainment rates on some senior phase programmes remain low and outcomes for younger learners are below the college norm.
  • Partial success rates among learners declaring a disability are higher than the College norm.

Report Recommendations