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Saint David's Catholic Sixth Form College

2019 Full Inspection Report
  1. Establish effective arrangements for obtaining information about new learners’ additional learning needs from key partners
  2. Ensure that all relevant learners have appropriate progression pathways to help them improve on their prior GCSE grades in English and mathematics
  3. Help all learners to develop their understanding of the Welsh language and the culture of Wales
  4. Make sure that learner punctuality issues are monitored and addressed effectively

2010 Full Inspection Report

The college needs to:

  1. extend the range of teaching strategies to engage learners more fully in lessons;
  2. adapt teaching strategies and resources to meet the range of learners’ needs identified by teachers in lessons more effectively;
  3. focus on more subject-specific issues in course reviews;
  4. place more emphasis on the quality of learning in lesson observations undertaken by college staff; and
  5. improve the way the student council communicates and engages with learners.

Report Recommendations