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Manchester Adult Education Service

2013 Full Inspection Report
What does the provider need to do to improve further?
  • Further improve the quality of teaching, learning and assessment by:
    • setting clear targets for all learners and accurately measuring learners’ progress against their targets
    • ensuring that all tutors plan and deliver activities that provide sufficient opportunity for learners to participate fully and actively in their learning
    • making better use of learning technology to enhance teaching and learning
    • ensuring that learners receive guidance, as they complete their course, on further higher-level learning opportunities offered by other providers.
  • Promote the sharing of best practice across the service by identifying outstanding tutors through the observation process and enabling them to work with other tutors to improve further the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Increase the rigour in monitoring the quality and consistency of assessment of learners’ progress on courses that do not lead to qualifications.
  • Collect and analyse information more systematically on the destination of learners after they have completed their course, in order to assess the impact of learning on future study and employment.

2008 Full Inspection Report
Key areas for improvement
  • Low success rates of learners on accredited courses
  • Use of target-setting for learners
  • Use of technology in teaching and learning
  • The quality of some teaching venues

2006 Re-Inspection Report


2005 Full Inspection Report


2001 Full Inspection Report


Report Recommendations